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Recruitment consultancies are not all the same – as you’ll know if you’ve used several in the past.

Choosing the right one can fast-track your route to a rewarding, absorbing and satisfying career. Choosing the wrong one can be simply a waste of your time and a source of constant disappointment.

At Sisco Jobs, we specialise in matching great talent with great opportunities. We also pride ourselves on an unrivalled candidate experience. So what’s the difference with Artemis?

We Make Time For You

Some recruitment consultants are rushed – probably because they’re driven by CV or interview targets. As a result, candidates are just numbers to them. They don’t develop a personal relationship with them, and as a result don’t really understand their strengths or aspirations – leading to candidates being put forward for unsuitable jobs. We are completely the opposite; candidates tell us that our service is personal, one-to-one, and relationship driven.

We Prepare You

Some recruitment companies provide no interview preparation, or only a cursory one. We give each of our candidates at least 45 minutes of in-depth preparation. This means that they are far better prepared, more confident and more at ease. Not surprisingly, our success rate is a lot higher than some of our competitors.

We Debrief You

We take the time to get your thoughts and views on how the interview went. If you’re not successful in that one, your responses in the debrief can help us match you closer to your ideals next time.

We Communicate Better

We keep you informed all the way, both before and after the interview stage. We also communicate with ourselves: how often have you come across a recruitment company where its own people are not talking to each other? You’ll have no such problem at Artemis.

We Have Great Contacts

We have a superb network of client companies within our chosen sectors. Many of these companies use Sisco Jobs exclusively for their recruitment needs, so these opportunities are simply not available elsewhere. Others value us for our reliability; they know for instance that we won’t send them inferior or ill-matched candidates, so they trust our judgement.

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